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Get started in a group setting! Next Bootcamp will begin August, 13th 2018.

Bootcamp is a 6-week journey into the fundamentals of fitness so incredible we recommend bringing a spare pair of underwear for your first day. We meet 3 days a week for an hour with a morning or evening session to choose from. Day 1 of Bootcamp includes a weigh in, body fat measurements, and a benchmark workout. The last day will include your final weigh in, body fat measurements, and the same benchmark workout to demonstrate the progress you’ve throughout the 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks are a systematic introduction to all the new movements you will be using from easiest to hardest, while the second 3 weeks serves to solidify proficiency in these movements and ensure a comfortable transition into our regular daily CrossFit classes. All movements and weights are scalable, so individuals of any level can take part and will see results. You will also be exposed to ways of eating and strategies for meal planning that will help maximize weight management, recovery from workouts, and heightened energy.

The intent behind Bootcamp is to be the beginning of your journey into strength and conditioning, not the end. These 6 weeks are just the tip of the fitness iceberg and knowing that will help you set attainable goals. Any Bootcamp or program claiming to get you all the results you want in just 6 weeks is either a scam or something dangerous! Fitness done right is a steady march toward a goal of your choosing that has nothing to do with your individual ability and everything to do with your attitude. You put the work in and we give you an environment to unearth your best self.

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